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Why Istrian olive oil

Istrian olive oil is quickly being rediscovered as the finest in the world. It is an excellent choice for you or as a gift given the interesting historical significance of olive oil in Istria, Croatia and the award winning quality, flavor and tradition it represents.

The San Gurmano brand is a new extra virgin olive oil from Istria, Croatia with its first harvest in 2007. It is available in the United States exclusively through Fino Products. We are delighted to bring you the flavors and the unique story of this green gold.

The story of San Gurmano begins in Istria, the historic northern peninsula of the Croatian coast.

This area is long known for its exceptional olive oil and wine savored by both Roman emperors and modern gourmets. Today this liquid green gold flows from the Istrian hills into your home, turning every meal into a culinary feast for all the senses.

Even though Croatia has a long standing tradition of olive oil production dating back to the Roman Empire, there are a limited number of olive trees in Croatia.

As in other small countries, in Croatia, growing olives is usually a family-owned, small business operation.

Many families tend to their trees with love, patience and affection but lack the scale and resources to build their own brand and competitively launch their product.

To address problems of limited and fragmented supply, a public-private partnership, the first of its kind was formed Man picking olives with a cooperative of farmers who pool their harvest and sell it to a single buyer who then presses, bottles, and sells the product under one brand name, San Gurmano.

San Gurmano helps small producers be more competitive in the market, presents a high quality Croatian product in the international market place, and successfully addresses the challenges of small and limited olive fruit yield.

To ensure quality control over the entire process, Istrian cooperative members must be certified to participate. A team of experts carefully oversees the selection of fruits, pressing, bottling and storage. We know our producers and exactly where our olives are grown, harvested and bottled. As a result, we guarantee that the San Gurmano oil come from passionate olive lovers who have been in the business for generations, and is the results of honest business practices and the highest quality control.

All the olives in the San Gurmano brands come from farms in the vicinity of Porec (“Po-rech”), an ancient town on the western coast of Istria.

This area is long-known for exceptional olive oil, and the history of Porec dates back 2000 years. The influential traces of great cultures are still evident in the narrow cobble streets and architecture along with significant archeological findings throughout the city. Today, it is a small town with 12,000 inhabitants, and its beauty and history attract many tourists in the summer.