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Kosor: Does Milanovic ask for a vow from his partners?

We have worked on the Brijuni Riviera project for a long time. We have put a lot of effort, energy and knowledge in that project. And now the project is finished, ready to be sealed and no one will stop us from signing it – the PM Jadranka Kosor answered the question about signing the contract just before the end of her Government’s mandate during a press conference in Umag.

Those who think they should be asked for permission, as the PM reported, won’t experience such a situation. The PM says it is extremely important that, no matter of the affiliation to the certain political party, we do things that are right for our country, to be more precise – to the county of Istria. Furthermore, she thanked the Istrian prefect Ivan Jakovcic and the officials of the local administration for putting a great effort in order to realize this phase of the project for Brijuni Riviera.

- The officials of SDP who constantly complain could already have finished the project in the period between 2000 and 2003, but they didn’t – said Kosor by emphasizing that the Brijuni Riviera project was something they have all been working on and no one had enough strength for finishing the project as her Government did.

Kosor didn’t want to comment the disputes among the members of Kukuriku coalition, between Zoran Milanovic and Ivan Jakovcic, that was caused by the announcement of signing the contract for Brijuni Riviera project. She said that her job was not to make comments about the relations between the members of any coalition. It was not her business. But she considers that the partners of any coalition are not chained one to another in order not to be able to cooperate with others.

- In the way the things have started, it could happen that Zoran Milanovic asks his partners to make some kind of a vow like the one pioneers made in the past to be good and loyal comrades and not to cooperate with others – said the PM by adding those times had passed.

Source:  www.dalje.com