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Film Festivals in Croatia: Istria under the open sky of film stars

Once again Istria becomes the center of the film. Istria is known for unforgettable cinema locations in its picturesque towns. From the coast of the peninsula up to the green hills in the interior, Istria prepared plenty of film surprises for its visitors.

Pula Film Festival

Pula Film Festival

Pula Film Festival – the oldest film festival in Croatia, this year hosts films of domestic and foreign production. This cult film festival, for 58th summer in a row revives an impressive amphitheater –  Arena.

From 9th to 23rd July visitors in Pula can enjoy the latest films under the open sky of former gladiators arena. It is certainly a unique experience.

After Pula, from 25th to 29th July, film festival moves to the green hills where Istria hides its most picturesque town – Motovun. Films of small film industries and independent productions have found their place in the medieval ambience of Motovun.

Uninterrupted sequence of projections from 10:00 until 4:00 will entertain visitors with different genres and titles that come from all over the world.

Regardless if you decide to go to Pula or Motovun or maybe even both, you will surely enjoy as there is something for everyone.

Hurry up to Istria, as the film festival begins!

Source:  www.guide2croatia.net