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Casanova Fest

Casanova Fest

Casanovafest, the love and erotic festival, was invented by Slobodan Vugrinec and Boris T. Matić as a manifestation which celebrates historical connections between the famous lover Casanova and Vrsar.

Giacomo Casanova visited Vrsar two times, in 1743. and 1744. which was already famous for good drink, food and beautiful women. Casanovafest is inspired by the natural beauty of Vrsar and the archipelago and also the fact that Coversada, first and at that time the biggest naturist camp in Europe, was founded in 1961.

Love and erotica are inexaustible source of inspiration and because of that the festival will celebrate that eternal theme and ponderation on love and relationships through different artistic areas such as literature evenings, exibitions, lectures, gastronomical treats, movie projections and music events. Even Casanova himself pondered all theese issues which he experienced fist-hand and so vividly described in his Memoirs.

Giovanni Giacomo Casanova

Giovanni Giacomo Casanova was born on the 2nd of April, 1725. in the family of a Venitian actor. After a failed education as a priest he became the secretary of Cardinal Acquaviva and a violinist in the Venetian theatre orchestra. In the same time his two brothers became famous painters.



During these years Casanova was accused of brokerage and black magic and leaves to Lion and then to Paris where he joins the Freemasons. Casanova was a part of high society, where he met Josip the 2nd, Katarina the Great and other leaders. He mingled with Mozart and Voltaire. But mainly he made love to women, gambled and played cards and traveled across Europe. After he returned to Venice he was followed by spies and in the end was arrested because of small street gambling and cheating. After two years in the cell, in Venetian prison Piomba, he managed to escape to Paris in 1756. through a hole in the roof.

There he started the first public lottery and managed to get rich over-night. At that time he wrote his first book History of my escape from the Venetian dungeon, translated Homer’s Iliad and started to write the utopian novel Icosameron. But his passion for gambling and accuired debts forced him to leave Paris. He traveled across Europe, setteling in Chekoslovakia where he worked as a librarian and secretary of Count Waldstein. Worn out from his sickness and constant travels, Casanova stayed at home and wrote his memoirs in twelve tomes (4000 pages).

He died 4th June, 1798. in a Castle on the north of Chekoslovakia. Although he was 72 years old he didn’t see his memoirs get published, establishing him as the greatest lover and adventurer in the World.

Casanovas wisdoms

  • „I think that my day is lost if at least one women doesn’t smile to me.“
  • „Love is the queen of young and tyrant of old.“
  • „Men are more vain than women. They would rather say that their wife’s lover is a lier than admit to being cheaten.“
  • „The biggest mistake of every man is falling in love with a woman. He can fall in love but only with all women.“
  • „A man can’t cheat a woman more than she can pretend she is being faithfull to him.“
  • „I’m not sorry I’m leaving this world, but I’m sorry I’m leaving all this beauties behind.“
  • „The seducer always learns the most from an unexperienced woman.“
  • „She who is rich in spirit has no money; she who has money is poor in spirit. That’s why I remained a bachelor.“
  • „I fall deadly in love with any women I like. It lasts until I meet another.“