Vrsar – Romantic town

What to do

Top things to do in Vrsar

Cruise through the Vrsar archipelago. The Vrsar archipelago comprises of 18 uninhabited islands and islets: a real paradise for a little cruise and discovering hidden beaches.

Panoramic airplane flight. Vrsar is one of the rare places in Istria with its own sports airport. Seize this and enjoy a panoramic flight over Vrsar, the archipelago and the Lim Channel.

Visit to the street of Casanova. The famous seducer stayed in Vrsar on two occasions, in 1743 and 1744. If his comprehensive memoirs are to be trusted, he fancied a few local beauties here as well.

Visit to Kaštel – the bishop’s summer residence and churches. Today’s palace came to be by partitioning the original Romanesque castle. It was used as the bishop’s summer residence at one point in time. It is comprised of a fortified building in the courtyard with a cistern in the ground floor and four flanking towers are continuation on the Vrsar walls dating back to the 15th century.

Visit to the Park of Sculptures of Dušan Džamonja. Sculptures, graphics and drawings are displayed in the complex of the house and Park of Sculptures of the greatest Croatian and European modern sculptor Dušan Džamonja, whose sculptures are displayed in the most eminent museums in the world. During the end of August Vrsar becomes the Mecca for sculpture lovers with their international sculpting school Montraker.

A view from three romantic lookouts in the old city. All lookouts give a view of the Vrsar archipelago and are decorated with sculptures made in the workshops of the international sculpting school Montraker – a stylish stone table and bench for rest.

Cycling on the eco bike trail Vrsar – Lim – Vrsar. The eco bike trail in the vicinity of Vrsar offers cyclists three types of rides: short and easiest trail, a middle length trail for the mildly advanced and the longest trail which reveals almost all the glory of Istria and the Mediterranean. On their ride, along the coast itself, cyclists will pass the finding place of ceramics from the Bronze Age on the Main Peak, next to the Park of Sculptures of Dušan Džamonja, and then make it to the sports airport Crljenka or all the way to the Lim Gulf.

Stroll through the “Kontija” forest. The 140-year-old forest of Oriental Hornbeam and other trees is the best preserved of its kind in Istria.

Visit to Romuald’s cave and the Lim Gulf. The Lim Gulf has the preserved landscape status; it is over 10 km long and looks like a fjord resulting in the sinking of limestone. On the north side there is a climbing cliff and on the South is Romauld’s cave. Romauld’s cave is noted because Saint Romuald lived in it for three years, praying and meditating (1001 – 1004). The cave is a speleological phenomenon, because the cave’s decor is located only on the left side while the right is empty. Among other things, evidences about the life of a Palaeolithic hunter were also found in it.

Fishermen’s festivities. Vrsar has the longest tradition of holding fishermen’s festivities which last from spring till autumn. For more information about these folk evening activities on the Vrsar riviera check the Events Calendar.