Vrsar – Romantic town

Aero panorama

Vrsar Airport

With asphalt runway 700 x 18 m, on RWY heading of 01 and 19, open for international traffic from April to November. Frequency 126.65 MHz operates as AFIS. Airport had asphalt apron, and is equipped with fuel, air service station, hangar, restaurant and duty free shop. Main office for North Adria Aviation operations offers FPL, MET and ATC service with PULA (LDPL) Terminal Air Traffic Control.

Operator of Vrsar Airport is NORTH ADRIA AVIATION, witch offer many services. Beside the technical service for general aviation aircraft, passenger and crew transfer, NAA offers more flight’s services, as follows:

Excursion flights to airports Unije , Losinj, Pula and Rijeka Sightseeing flights of 15, 30 and 120 minutes Taxi flights for international and domestic airports Rent a plane Pilot school Medical flights Aerial photography Search and rescue flights Parachuting jumps, training and competitions Publicity flights, leaflet dropping, banner towing



52420 Vrsar
Tel.: +385 52 441350
Fax: +385 52 441350
E-mail: north-adria-aviation@pu.tel.hr


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